[50YO] by AniMayor

What does GeGeGe even mean?

Kitarō may just be the oldest still-running Japanese fiction franchise. Sure, there are books from centuries ago that occasionally get a modern adaptation after generations of silence, but GeGeGe no Kitar? has continued, remade, or reinvented itself every decade for the last 58 years, and arguably for the last 85 years.

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3x3 Thursdays originated from a very succesful part of /r/anime's Warm Talk Wednesday, spearheaded by SmurfRockRune. Since the creation of the weekly thread creating 3x3s became a popular pasttime for many members of the community.

Though there were solutions for images, creating video based 3x3s remained a difficult in both creation and presentation. Thusly this website was created to enable easier creation and sharing of video based 3x3s.