[50YO] by AniMayor

The Knight we Need and the Princess we Deserve

Widely considered a classic, Princess Knight was a groundbreaking series in numerous ways. In both manga and anime form it was one of the first to be targeted specifically at girls, but unlike most other early sh?jo manga/anime it's not a light-hearted comedy tale. Instead, Princess Knight features tales of villainous Dukes and fiercesome monsters getting their butts kicked by a reckless sword-toting heroine, alongside romance, politics, and adventure.

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3x3 Thursdays originated from a very succesful part of /r/anime's Warm Talk Wednesday, spearheaded by SmurfRockRune. Since the creation of the weekly thread creating 3x3s became a popular pasttime for many members of the community.

Though there were solutions for images, creating video based 3x3s remained a difficult in both creation and presentation. Thusly this website was created to enable easier creation and sharing of video based 3x3s.