[50YO] by AniMayor

I've got 009 Cyborgs but a Tokusatsu ain't one

War, conflict, technology and progress. These worldly themes were reflected in the television of the day. In the West, September saw the debut of shows like Star Trek and Space Patrol Ship Orin which looked optimistically to a future of peace and technological wonders, and Mission:Impossible which offered the appealing notion of heroes fighting against corrupt governments and sinister organizations out of the public eye.

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3x3 Thursdays originated from a very succesful part of /r/anime's Warm Talk Wednesday, spearheaded by SmurfRockRune. Since the creation of the weekly thread creating 3x3s became a popular pasttime for many members of the community.

Though there were solutions for images, creating video based 3x3s remained a difficult in both creation and presentation. Thusly this website was created to enable easier creation and sharing of video based 3x3s.